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Root canal treatment (RCT), is a dental procedure in which diseased or damaged pulp of a tooth is removed, cleaned, sealed, and filled.

Common causes affecting the pulp:

Dental caries

Trauma by hit / accident / fall

Cracked/fractured tooth

How  the RCT is performed in PMC:


We follow a basic protocol as follows

1. X-rays (IOPA):

To check the extent of the caries

To plan (any anatomical variation, curvature, etc)

To educate the patient about the treatment

  1. Proper disposables and Advanced Equipments used

3. Anesthesia–after doing a test dose, Administration of local anesthesia to make the tooth to sleep

Purpose of the test dose?

A test dose is administered before the treatment starts to prevent any allergy to local anesthesia.

  1. Bio Mechanical Preparation (Cleaning & Shaping)
      • Access the Root Canal (OPEN)
      • Find the chamber (FIND)
      • Working length (EXPLORE)
      • Cleaning (FIX IT)
      • Obturation: Seal the canal with Sealant and Gutta Percha Points
  1. Entrance filling: A good permanent tooth color filling is mandatory.

The above procedures are done under sterile armamentarium.

We Check IOPA after every step.

It is advisable to place a crown ( cap) following the RCT

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