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Why to replace the missing teeth

  • For Proper chewing (improper chewing may lead to various health problems)
  • For proper Smile
  • For confidence
  • To prevent shifting of adjacent teeth which leads to loss of the shifted teeth
  • For balancing of body
  • To prevent the movement of the opposite tooth towards the lost tooth space.
  • For good health

Reasons for loss of teeth

  • Decay
  • Improper bite
  • Age-related problem ( Bone Loss)
  • Poor oral hygiene ( Improper Brushing)
  • Severely broken tooth due to fall/accident
  • Single tooth loss may lead to multiple loss of teeth

Ways to replace the missing teeth

Dental Implants: No need for nearby tooth support

Fixed partial Dentures: Need support from nearby teeth

Removable Dentures: Temporary solution

Why Dental implants?

We can use the particular empty space of the lost tooth region for a permanent replacement.

What comes to your mind while hearing the word ‘Dental Implants’

? Fear

? Screw like thing

? Discomfort

? Pain

To overcome these here comes the ECO DIGITAL IMPLANT DENTISTRY.

Is this possible in Nagercoil?


Proper treatment planning & smile designing with “ECO DIGITAL DENTISTRY” is possible in PMC DENTAL, Nagercoil.

We give you the care you expect.

All the techniques have certain protocols right?

 Yes the dental implants do have basic protocols like

  • Proper clinical examination
  • Basic Blood investigations like bleeding time, clotting time, HBA1C, etc
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT planning)
  • TRIOS Intra Oral Digital Scanning
  • Guide for Implant placement
  • OSSTEL for testing Implant stability

 Now let us know about the types of Implants

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Multiple Teeth Replacement
  • Complete Replacement of all Teeth in 3 days ( Full mouth Rehabilitation )
  • Pterygoid  Implants
  • Zygoma  Implants

The patient’s interest also plays an important role in accepting the determined treatment plan.

 Full Mouth Rehabilitation

‘All on 4’

‘All on 6’

This depends on the bone quality and patient dental and health status.


Is it possible?

Yes of course in indicated cases we can replace the tooth in a single day.

This can be possible even for full mouth replacement.

Certain specific conditions require sinus lift & bone graft, collagen membrane placement for long term success.

Alternative to Implants:

You may think about whether dental implants are the only way to replace the missing.

No, in case of compromised bone quality / medical conditions we prefer the Fixed PARTIAL DENTURES (FPD)

With the help of the adjacent sound tooth structure, we place the bridge (FPD)

If  you want complete replacement of all teeth then go for removable BPS Complete dentures

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