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PMC Dental is committed to enhance patient satisfaction by excellence in Dental Care Services and offer the best in terms of treatment using cutting edge technology. We also aim to provide all aspects of patient care with continual improvement to our Quality Management System and by meeting all applicable requirements related to Dental Services.

At PMC Dental, we prioritize personalized care within 100% sterile environment for maximum hygiene to our clients. Our equipments are of international standards and are technically advanced for quick, effective and progressive treatment. For children, we prefer to seek prior permission from their parents and also explain them clearly about the procedures to be carried out.

PMC Dental

Our Values

Why People Choose PMC Dental

Pain Free Clinic

  • We love to provide your loved ones the utmost care.
  • Your comfort and confidence is our top priority.
  • Our aim is to make your visit as relaxing as possible.
  • We even offer sedation or general anaesthesia in the presence of a caring anesthetist.
  • If yofear of dentistry, this clinic is definitely for you.


  • We know everyone wants the best so we never try or settle for compromised treatment.
  • We carefully check quality of all our products and materials.
  • Our excellent craftsmanship will never be compromised. Our dentists are trained well in their field of interest.
  • We preserve our materials as per standards.
  • We work with reputed dental labs which follow international standards.


  • We understand God's creation.
  • "He had made everything beautiful in its time -Ecclesiastes 3:11"
  • No two faces are same so the smile.
  • We think about treatment options, its advan tage and disadvantage, how to postpone and also about the cost involved, with informed concern.
  • We encourage caretaker with the person who opts for the treatment.
  • We give them time to think and decide for their treatment.
  • We want you to make an informed decision.

We Listen as we.

  • Love dentistry.
  • Love to see our valuable patients smile with confidence.
  • Passionate about exceeding your expecta tions.
  • We never rush, We spend valuable time to listen you.
  • Respect your expectations.


  • We want to keep our cost realistic so we provide detail bills.
  • We offer the service and quality as expected.
  • Split up payment options available.
  • Free service also available for the needy.

Proven Results We Follow Fundamentals

  • We can understand your need and expectations.
  • We don't just do things blindly, we un derstand what can fail and will advise you if what you want is not achievable.
  • Our prime aim is to create smile in your face and the people around you.