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Orthodontic Treatment

Align your teeth in PMC DENTAL.

We follow the standard protocol

  • We follow basics and fundamentals.
  • We give importance to each and every detail of the patient's problems and expectations.
  • We first ask the problem of the patient then check the need for the treatment.
  • Gum problems and decay teeth are corrected before the treatment starts.
  • Dental Ortho is a way of aligning (straightening or moving) teeth, to improve the appearance & functions of the teeth and face.

Before the treatement

  • Digital Panoramic Radiography
  • Digital Cephalometric Radiography
  • Intra Oral Peri–Apical Radiographs (If required)*
  • Intra Oral & Extra Oral Photographs
  • Diagnostic Models
  • CBCT–3D FACE (If required)*
  • Smile Designing With 3shape

During the treatement

  • Regular follow up (every month)
  • In case of any doubt feel free to contact the clinic mobile helpline
  • If required immediate appointment will be provided
  • Discomfort during the initial phase can be expected
  • May feel the pressure over the teeth for 2 to 3 days after every activation.
  • In case of any pricking of wire please come & correct it.
  • Proper oral care and care of braces

After the treatement

  • Fixed retainer
  • The removable retainer should be used and cleaned properly
  • In case of breakage of the retainer, report immediately
  • Proper follow up once in every 6 months is mandatory
  • After the teeth have moved to the favorable positions, a retainer is used to hold and stabilize the teeth in these positions.