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Temporomandibular Joint Problem

Have you experienced ear pain?
Pain while opening & closing your mouth?
Pain in the jaw joints while having food?

  • It may be due to Temporomandibular Joint problem ( TMJ Problem).
  • Improper chewing can be a reason.
  • A missing tooth can be a reason.
  • An improper bite can be a reason.

We can help you

We team up with Maxillofacial Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, and General Physician to give you a proper solution.

We know how much it pains.

After proper evaluation, we give you the treatment with the state of the art armamentarium. We will also use ultra low-frequency Myomonitor Tens ( ULF TENS if required. The main pain is due to the stiffness of the muscles around the TMJ. The TENS help in reducing the stiffness of the muscle and prevent the pain.

Indication for TENS

To treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction & associated pain. To relieve associated muscle spasm. To relax the muscles. To take a proper dental impressions. To increase local blood circulation.

Contra Indication for TENS

It should not be used in patients with cardiac pacemakers. So to know your health status we take a detailed case history. Always give details about your health status and medication.

It's our duty to give you a painless smile.