It’s natural that when we think about the dental treatment we get stressed.

Is this the situation now? No.

Now the dental treatment have attained the new levels. As the word PREVENTION IS BETTER THAT CURE , Planning is the basic of painless and trouble free dental treatment for the dentist and the patient. Smile designing and implant planning using CBCT and INTRA ORAL SCANNER plays a dominant role in current dental practice. In order to achieve a successful result, a thorough analysis of the anatomy of the residual ridge and evaluation of bone density is required. Typically, two dimensional radiographic images periapical and panoramic have been used for the visualization of the edentulous area. Despite the high spatial resolution of the 2D images, the main disadvantage is that the buccolingual width of the alveolar bone cannot be accurately assessed which may lead to implant positioning errors and a compromised final outcome.

Guided implant placement surgery can be performed with the aid of the CBCT data sets. With the 3D capability of the CBCT the clinician can determine if pre-prosthetic surgery such as bone grafting or sinus lift is needed prior to implant placement.

Intra oral scanner  have the advantages of reducing operative time for clinicians, enhancement of clinician patient communication and simpler clinical procedures.

Knowing the result in advance helps the dentist to perform the treatment with confidence and give a smile in patient’s face even after a implant placement procedure.


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